Get Involved: Quick Facts about the MEP Engineering and Consulting Process

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We believe that in sharing these informational blogs, we would be able to help people who have dilemmas when it comes to dealing with their MEP-related endeavors. Read through our blogs below for you to have more ideas about the MEP Engineering industry.

The Importance of Substation Design

Substations are important components of the entire electrical infrastructure of an industrial facility, chemical plant, refinery, commercial building, etc. because they are the main hub for ensuring the safe and consistent delivery of electricity throughout the facility. Simply put, they are specially designed to house low to high voltage equipment. This equipment includes transformers, switchgear, […]

Relationship of MEP Design and Cannabis Cultivation

The use and cultivation of cannabis plants is gaining popularity across the globe, and so laws against the use of it are simmering down. The United States is one of the latest to lift major bans and legalize marijuana. This year for example, Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota passed cannabis legalization measures. […]

How can MEP Engineering Add to the Value of a Building?

“Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.” — Stephen Gardiner A great deal of planning and design is involved in constructing a building. However, the depletion of natural resources is pushing the construction sector to put more focus on innovative designs that make a structure environmentally friendly. MEP […]

Manual J Calculation: What are its Benefits?

When shopping for clothes or shoes, we usually consider a lot of things such as the design, material, and even the brand name. However, if the fit isn’t right, it would be uncomfortable to wear it no matter how good the quality is. The same thing can be said when purchasing a new cooling and […]

A Look Into the Life of a Professional MEP Engineering Entrepreneur

Chad X. Slater, PE is the Founder and CEO of Source2load Engineering and Consulting. As a child, he was always fascinated with electricity and electronics – going around the house taking apart remote controls, TVs, blenders, etc. to understand their components and how they all worked together. One time, he wired some tweezers to two […]