Get Involved: Quick Facts about the MEP Engineering and Consulting Process

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We believe that in sharing these informational blogs, we would be able to help people who have dilemmas when it comes to dealing with their MEP-related endeavors. Read through our blogs below for you to have more ideas about the MEP Engineering industry.

Importance of Fire Protection in Buildings

Fires are one of the most disastrous elements that have taken lives and properties. In the NFPA annual report released in December 2021, there was an estimated 1.8 billion in direct property and damage loss. That’s for the US alone!  With that number, fire protection systems should not be a second thought. Your fire protection […]

The Basics of Electrical Distribution Systems

  An Electrical Power System is a comprehensive term that consists of three major parts: a generation unit, transmission unit, and distribution unit. Distribution units as a final stage of the system are responsible for the distribution of power for local use. Why do providers of MEP design services need a thorough understanding of this? […]

Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings

  In every environmental effort, no matter the project, sustainability is practiced. Improvements in MEP engineering and other construction services are now starting to prioritize energy efficiency. Energy efficiency measures are used to focus on necessary electrical and mechanical equipment. With new MEP techniques, more productive conservations can be met prior to MEP installation. Lighting […]

MEP Changes brought about by COVID-19 After two years of living in unprecedented resiliency since the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s safe to say that it will have a lasting impact on systems, people, and other expectations. This includes building owners who have to ensure that buildings are safe from the virus. Source2Load Engineering and Consulting, provider of top-notch  MEP engineering […]

MEP Design and Coordination for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities play a significant role in a community which is established and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These institutions are frequently faced with an exceptionally high number of patients, some of whom may require specific medical care such as chemical intoxication. These facilities should maintain an environment conducive to human […]