Get Involved: Quick Facts about the MEP Engineering and Consulting Process

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We believe that in sharing these informational blogs, we would be able to help people who have dilemmas when it comes to dealing with their MEP-related endeavors. Read through our blogs below for you to have more ideas about the MEP Engineering industry.

The Rise of Green Projects: MEP for Eco-building Design

Sustainable buildings. Green architecture. Eco-building design. No matter what term you want to call it, the boom of sustainable building designs is accelerating. More than a trend, it is more of an implementation of eco-friendly structures for environmental conservation and preservation to maintain adequate energy and resources for the future. Green building designs seek to […]

Challenges and Opportunities for Constructions in 2021

The year 2020 was difficult and 2021 is presenting greater challenges as many countries are dealing with another wave of lockdowns and economic downturns. The engineering and construction sectors were among the primary businesses that have been greatly affected with several projects canceled or put on hold. Source2Load Engineering and Consulting, an expert in MEP […]

Busting Solar Energy Myths

Increased pollution has brought about the onslaught of the effects of global warming which continue to worsen the state of our environment, prompting industries all over the world to continue their plunder of non-renewable forms of energy. Luckily, we are surrounded by numerous sources of renewable energy which have the potential of lessening the results […]

Combating the Global Pandemic thru MEP Engineering

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to show no signs of coming to a halt many are starting to adapt to the numerous challenges that come with living in its midst. Businesses, in particular, are continuously finding new ways to thrive despite the difficulties they face. Apart from that, the biggest concern is keeping employees and […]

Emergency Lighting for Commercial Buildings – Why is It Important?

Multiple instances of power outages have taught us that prioritizing emergency systems such as  lighting and backup power are crucial for commercial buildings. Not only is work in office buildings disrupted during these instances, but business owners in commercial buildings such as malls and the like also face potential revenue losses. After all, how are […]