We are Your True Experts When It Comes to MEP Consultation and Design Services

Mechanical Engineering

S2L's Mechanical Designers bring years of industry experience to Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning system design solutions. Our comprehensive HVAC system designs focus on comfort and incorporate life safety and infection control standards as well. By definition, mechanical engineering seeks to maximize the efficiency of energy expended at every stage of HVAC heat transfer. The sustainability of every physical component of a project's infrastructure is, therefore, of measurable importance to S2L's Mechanical Designers.

Electrical Engineering

S2L will perform NEC compliant demand/load calculations, short circuit calculation, lighting calculations, and voltage drop calculations. We will create electrical site plans, one-line diagrams, perform applicable COMchecks, design a robust lighting layout, and design narrative for schematic design of phase projects for municipal approval. We work closely with the project architect as well as the municipal planning authorities to make the permitting process as smooth as possible.

Plumbing Engineering

S2L's plumbing engineering and consulting is focused squarely on issues of sustainability, from acceptable drinking water, to the proper distribution of liquid and solid gasses and waste. Our plumbing design and consulting team brings years of experience, a wealth of understanding and solid performance to every project.

We deploy a simple MEP Design process:

mep design