MEP Design and Coordination for Healthcare Facilities

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Healthcare facilities play a significant role in a community which is established and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These institutions are frequently faced with an exceptionally high number of patients, some of whom may require specific medical care such as chemical intoxication. These facilities should maintain an environment conducive to human occupancy and shall have a complex building system to operate specialized equipment to support patient recovery.

The nature of these buildings requires scrupulous attention to the planning and integration of all building services. In this regard, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services are critical to the planned functions throughout the project. It is best to work with an MEP engineering and design team that has expertise in healthcare building system design and coordination for optimum results.

Given the increasing complexity of such projects, hiring professional engineers can help project owners stay within the allocated budget and save valuable time and resources during the construction process. For such projects around Texas and nearby states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, hire us at Source2Load Engineering and Consulting. We have a staff of experienced MEP Engineers to serve this sector.

Working with a professional can be a vital factor, but there are other considerations when designing and coordinating health institutions.

Realistic Budget

On the surface, it may seem that all healthcare facilities are the same. However, there are different types of healthcare facilities which means the requirement for optimum functioning varies too. It is essential to consider MEP services, standards, and codes at the onset of project design.

The client and developer must establish a feasible budget for the planned healthcare facility as a foundation.MEP services and specialty systems generally account for 40% of project construction costs. The overall budget must include the lifecycle of the installation.

Design Considerations

Do not underestimate the benefits of early involvement of the design team and the client. Meeting project objectives and return of investment are essential. Most importantly, early coordination of teams is critical to ensuring that MEP services, building, architecture, structures, and medical equipment are in harmony.

It is also important to consider the comprehensiveness of the design to mitigate risks to the budget and the construction period. Other factors to keep track of are the quality specifications and the maintenance of the design team throughout the process.

To avoid disputes over the design and construction process, hire us at Source2Load Engineering and Consulting for expert MEP design.

Design Standards and Code

The client and MEP engineering consultant must be well versed in the standards and design codes. The consultant is also responsible for informing the client to avoid any misunderstanding, as it is advisable not to compromise on standards and procedures.

Patient Safety

MEP services play a significant role in guaranteeing staff and patient safety by providing negative and positive air pressure for operating rooms, intensive care, and isolation rooms, properly designed water systems and temperature for dialysis equipment and avoiding Legionella, electrical power quality of life support systems, and ease of cleaning to reduce the risk of infection.

MEP health care systems are a consideration for homeowners and stakeholders. The budget, quality performance, changes, and maintenance required in the project plan should be flexible for adjustments.

The increasing complexity of healthcare projects is positioning MEP engineers and consultants to assist with mechanical and electrical design besides reconstruction and construction problems. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic is posing more challenges to healthcare facility projects making them need the services of MEP Consultants and Engineers more. Source2Load Engineering and Consulting provides support and analysis to your projects to ensure you receive expert guidance and for MEP engineering and design in Houston, TX, and nearby states of Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama.