MEP Changes brought about by COVID-19

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After two years of living in unprecedented resiliency since the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s safe to say that it will have a lasting impact on systems, people, and other expectations. This includes building owners who have to ensure that buildings are safe from the virus. Source2Load Engineering and Consulting, provider of top-notch  MEP engineering and design services is now taking necessary measures to provide the protection building owners need.

Source2Load Engineering and Consulting have mastered MEP services that not only help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the facilities but also reduce the spread of flu and other contagious diseases for the overall comfort and safety of building occupants, 

Expected MEP Changes

While architects get overwhelmed with the number of flyers promoting new air purifying technologies, MEP designers have already known that there are available solutions to help improve the system’s performance. And as more building owners come to realize the benefits of these solutions, it is expected that more changes would be implemented in building designs.

Below are some changes to expect in building designs:

  1.   Improved Humidity Control

According to recent research, low and high levels of humidity have an impact on the spread of viruses. Therefore, improvements in humidity control are a must, especially for big buildings. Controlling indoor humidity can help strengthen the body’s immune system to fight viruses and other respiratory diseases. 

It’s important to have a highly experienced MEP designer to help you understand the importance of this measure. Fortunately, Source2Load Engineering and Consulting, the best MEP design services is here to help you out.


  1.   Higher Filtration

In-duct filters have long been equipped in HVAC systems, but with COVID-19 infecting a lot of people, you should identify systems that are capable of operating with a higher level of filtration. Filters do serve as the first line of defense when it comes to straining infectious particles in the airstream.

The standard MERV-8 rated filters are proven to not be effective in filtering out SARS-COV-2 and other particles in the airstream. Therefore, expect MERV-13 and other higher leveled filters to be the next standard for filtering out particles of up to 0.3 microns. 


  1.   Monitoring Air Quality

Changes are apparent in MEP technologies as a promise of improved safety and comfort for everyone in a building. Therefore, building owners need a system that indicates their HVAC system is performing well. Air quality monitoring may become a necessity for building owners as this will help monitor the system if it’s operating properly and appropriately balanced.

The purpose of air quality monitoring ensures that the air coming in from outside is properly filtered. This solution is widely available so your MEP designer should be able to recommend you with the right one for your facility.

If the new changes above have been incorporated into future building designs, it will establish the best condition for buildings. But as with all building systems, the effectiveness of the changes will still depend on how regular the maintenance is. If you are looking for reliable, cost-effective MEP engineering, then give Source2Load Engineering and Consulting a call at 713-497-5114 or visit us at