MEP Engineering in Houston: 7 Innovations for your Home

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Change  is inevitable for MEP Engineering in Houston, just like any other industry. Today's innovations are invented to promote an excellent quality of life at home. As your source for modern MEP designs and systems, Source2Load Engineering and Consulting provides you with the most reliable MEP engineering service in Houston Texas.

Gone are the days when technology needs heavy direct action from humans in order to function. Today, we have motion censored, voice- activated, AI- controlled and so much more.. All of these are made to promote comfort and convenience which all starts at home where you should feel the most comfortable, and at ease.

7 Home Additions to Consider

Those who work closely with an MEP engineering firm with years of experience will understand that there's more to Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing projects. Below are some of the most common home innovations that our previous completed projects requested:

  • Solar Rooftop Solutions

As mankind advanced in science and technology, it’s common knowledge that mother nature has suffered a lot. This has motivated scientists to find ways to produce energy while still making sure the negative effects on nature are kept at a minimum. The solar energy conversion equipment is then made.

Although it has existed since the 20th century, it’s just in recent decades that it has been developed where even simple households are able to acquire solar panels. With more than 2 million panels installed in households within the US alone, the move towards green living is attainable.

  • Smart Toilets

This is probably one of the most interesting innovations created relating to plumbing. Due to the high demand for comfortable living, smart toilets have been considered for technological development.

From adjustable heated seats, automatic flushing, built-in deodorization, automated and fully controllable bidet spraying, and heated air drying, to night lights and speakers. All these multi-functions are to ensure your comfort, convenience, and water conservation.

  • Eco-Friendly Plumbing

An eco-friendly plumbing system provides a great contribution to water conservation. With a dual plumbing network (dual piping), water is separated into potable and reclaimed water.

Potable water goes through lines directly connected to outlets for consumption. While reclaimed water refers to treated sewer water to make it usable for irrigation and toilet flushing. 

  • Smart thermostats

Home temperature plays a very important role when it comes to comfort. Thermostats can control your home’s temperature and humidity levels to your preference. But with the ever-changing weather, it can be a hassle to manually adjust your thermostats’ settings multiple times a day.

With Smart thermostats, you can program your home’s heating and cooling system to your preference. The thermostat adjusts automatically by plotting a specific schedule.

  • Energy-efficient Lighting

When it comes to electrical engineering, lighting systems usually use LED lights for energy efficiency. Due to its long lifespan and adjustable brightness, MEP design experts in  Houston TX usually suggest LED lighting systems for their client's homes.

  • Leak Detectors

Installing a leak detector is a great advantage for your air conditioning and plumbing system. Leak detectors are made up of sensors and equipment that can detect and alert you whenever a leak is identified within your system's design. This is very beneficial as you can immediately fix the problem before it gets worse.

  • Tankless water heating

Also known as demand water heaters, tankless water heaters are an innovation that’s closely tied to hygiene and comfort. If you aim to build an energy-efficient home, plumbing and mechanical engineers will suggest this water distribution system as one of the options. 

As the world progresses, more advanced MEP engineering is being created and presented. Though its functions may vary, all are created to provide ease, comfort, sustainability, and a better quality of life. 

As a reliable and trustworthy construction administration, you can rely on Source2Load Engineering and Consulting for all your MEP engineering needs. We’d be more than willing to discuss these new innovations and other MEP engineering and design services with you. Connect with us by calling our office (713-497-5114) or emailing us via our contact us page!