The Importance of Substation Design

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Substations are important components of the entire electrical infrastructure of an industrial facility, chemical plant, refinery, commercial building, etc. because they are the main hub for ensuring the safe and consistent delivery of electricity throughout the facility. Simply put, they are specially designed to house low to high voltage equipment. This equipment includes transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, motor control centers (MCCs), UPS systems, and the like. Since substations are crucial, it requires the expertise of professionals who know how to properly design them. So if you need to have one built, consult Source2Load Engineering and Consulting for expert engineering and design services.  Our owner has over 20 years of low to high voltage substation experience in the Utility and Oil/Gas industries. He has designed, procured, and/or maintained over 50 substations either as a Unit Electrical Engineer of several major operating units as well as a Project Manager of over $100 million worth of capital projects. 

Now, what are the aspects of substation design?

To create a solid and secure substation design, there are three primary aspects that need to be considered by professionals offering design services.

Earthing and Bonding

This part of the design process is necessary for the safety and protection of equipment installers as well as maintenance workers. This is also necessary for equipment protection and the prevention of dangerous potential gradients.

Design Layout

The main objective of the design layout is the security of the electricity supply. A good design layout must reach a balance between this aspect and capital investment.

Systems and Components

This part of the design process involves getting various systems and components to work together.

So what makes it important?

Electricity coming directly from electrical towers are extremely high in voltage. If that high voltage electricity is supplied to households, it will burn up its entire electrical system and damage various appliances. This is why substations are necessary because they are built to step down electricity from a high voltage transmission system into lower voltage electricity. The resulting voltage is now safer to supply to households, companies, industries, and other places where it may be needed. 

In order to provide a continuous supply of electricity to customers, substations should be well designed. So it is crucial to seek the help of professionals who know how to design one properly. One mistake and the distribution and transformation of the current can go wrong. This can result in errors that turn off electricity in certain areas and, sometimes, huge territories. That is something that no one wants to happen as everyone relies on electricity to perform many daily tasks.

So if you are ever in need of a solid and secure substation plan, contact Source2Load and we will design one for you. Our company offers services that are especially focused on electrical consulting and design which encompasses all aspects of electrical distribution, power planning, on-site generation, and more. From preparation to creating comprehensive designs, you can rest assured that we provide undivided attention to detail.

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