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vav systems

As part of the comprehensive MEP engineering service we provide in Houston, TX and other areas within Texas and Alabama we also offer the design, planning, and field installation administration for Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems.

Because of the continuous growth of the already big economy in Texas and Alabama, the building of establishments with multiple room structures has become very common in these areas. One of the main factors to look into when planning the construction of commercial establishments is the type of air conditioning to employ. Multi-story buildings would often have higher energy costs because of the energy consumed by the typically used air conditioning systems. This is the reason why we would want to introduce a more energy-efficient air conditioning – VAV SYSTEMS!

What is a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system?

This is a type of air conditioning system that is specifically developed in order to supply the desired air cooling and heating for the different zones within the building while, at the same time, utilizing 30% less energy than the usual dual duct systems.

The main duct for this type of air conditioning system is only able to produce cool air called ‘primary air’. The amount of primary air entering a certain zone is then controlled with the use of thermostats to adjust the modulating dampers.

This is what makes this VAV systems more cost effective than other types of air conditioning. Since the primary ducts only concentrate on generating cold air, the energy required to do it is much smaller than producing both cold and hot air.

Here are some of the other benefits of acquiring a VAV system:

  • Cost and energy efficient

As previously mentioned above, VAV systems will help the business or homeowner save more money because it utilizes less energy supply – thus, lowering electric bill expenses.

  • Temperature Control is Easier

Since each zone in the building would have its own thermostat, it would be easier for the occupants or the people in the zones to control the temperature within the area. With VAV systems, the varying heating and cooling needs of different zones within a single building will be met with ease.

  • Humidity Control

The level of humidity in a specific zone in a building will have an influence on the level of comfort that people inside these areas are experiencing. With the ability of VAV systems to supply constant-temperature, low-humidification air will help control the level of humidity in the specific zone.

  • Flexible Characteristic

VAV systems are able to provide conditioned air to multiple areas in the building, accommodate additional areas which needs heating or cooling, and, most of all adapt to the demands of each zone – regardless of the area size.

Here at Source2Load Engineering and Consulting (S2L), we provide a wide array of MEP engineering services for Houston, Texas, other places within the state, and even in Alabama. One of these is our VAV system planning service. With our help, you can rest assured that the ventilation and air conditioning system for establishment will be planned with utmost delicacy and expertise.