Touchless Plumbing Systems: An Innovation towards Improved Health & Convenience

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We are all concerned about our health and hygiene which is why most of us are always on our toes when using public restrooms. As we all know, flushers and faucets are the first things that people touch and handle before even having the chance to wash their hands. This makes them prone to bacteria buildup which can cause and spread various illnesses. We at Source2Load Engineering and Consulting are one with the public in finding touchless plumbing fixtures more appealing as it makes users feel cleaner and safer at the same time. As a leading MEP company in Texas and Alabama, we will help you have a better understanding of this type of plumbing fixture and the benefits that they have to offer in relation to one’s health and convenience.

Touchless Plumbing
Touchless plumbing systems are hands-free water fixtures such as faucets and flushers which have built-in sensors that detect a user’s presence. They are designed to automatically dispense the right amount of water at the right timing. This innovative feature has given birth to these multiple benefits that both commercial and residential establishments can take advantage of:

1. Hygiene

Common touchpoints such as toilet or faucet handles are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Touchless bathroom eliminates the need for contact which significantly reduces health risks such as deadly viruses.

2. Convenience

With touchless bathrooms, you no longer have to figure out knobs and handles but instead, enjoy the convenience that sensors have to offer. All you need to do is stick out your arms and get them cleaned under a stream of regulated water. This is beneficial for people in a hurry as well as for children and senior citizens who have limited mobility.

3. Cost-efficiency

Given its automation, the amount of water dispensed is controlled to only the necessary amount. This saves an establishment from wasting water which, in turn, reduces the utility bills.

4. Maintenance

Correlated to cost-efficiency is maintenance. Touchless plumbing has fewer moving parts that minimize contact between users and any surface. This makes it more resistant to wear-and-tear thus, reducing the need for repairs or replacements. It also makes cleaning tasks a lot easier.

Residential Application
Currently, touchless plumbing is mainly used in public restrooms. But, it also has residential applications and is now being utilized by some homeowners in the US. The hands may get messy during kitchen preparations. But, with the help of touchless plumbing, you can wash your hands and other kitchen equipment without having to touch the faucet. This keeps your sink clean and sanitized.

These are only a few of the benefits and applications of touchless plumbing systems.

We at Source2Load Engineering and Consulting have been helping businesses and homeowners in Texas and Alabama with their MEP engineering needs for years. We have kept ourselves up-to-date with technologies like touchless plumbing systems. Now is the best time to take advantage of the benefits that it has to offer. Talk to us to make your home or business cleaner and more convenient.