Emergency Lighting for Commercial Buildings – Why is It Important?

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Multiple instances of power outages have taught us that prioritizing emergency systems such as  lighting and backup power are crucial for commercial buildings. Not only is work in office buildings disrupted during these instances, but business owners in commercial buildings such as malls and the like also face potential revenue losses. After all, how are people supposed to work and entertain properly without backup power and lighting? With the help of Source2Load’s trusted MEP Engineering and Design Services, you can rest assured that your commercial building will be resilient and   sufficiently prepared for power outages.  

Now, if you haven’t noticed yet, take a look around commercial buildings and you will notice numerous illuminated Exit Signs and Emergency Lights. But why exactly do commercial buildings have them and why are they important? 


OSHA is in charge of regulating things such as emergency lightings in commercial buildings to make sure they are safe and code-compliant. Every occupant of the building must be able to easily identify the exits in case of an emergency and that is why the placement of emergency lights should be planned by professionals such as those engaged in the  MEP Engineering profession.  


Apart from being mandatory, the presence of emergency lights ensures that people  can safely egress the building during a loss of power. Proper planning and implementation are still necessary to ensure that lights are placed in strategic areas where people can pass through unobstructed and that occupants coming from any part of the building will find a way out. If done correctly, it will fulfill its purpose of providing safe and timely evacuations during emergencies and natural disasters.

Stairwells are particularly dangerous during power outages, especially if people are scrambling to get out of the building. Without proper lighting, people are more likely to trip and fall, causing accidents and increasing panic in the people around them. With effective emergency lighting, people will be calmer because they know where to go.


If a fire breaks out in your commercial building, emergency lights or exit signs can make it easier for firefighters to move through your building. Firefighters and other first responders are not familiar with your building’s layout, more so when they are wading through a haze of smoke and seeing it for the first time. However, emergency exit lights cut through the smoke and darkness so firefighters, as well as search and rescue teams, can do their jobs.

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